Laundry care

Laundry care is one of the central tasks in the household - appropriate basic knowledge is a prerequisite! Essential knowledge of the various types of fiber is required. At the same time, one must be familiar with the possibilities and limitations of home laundry care. In households with high-maintenance fabrics such as wool and silk in particular, a lot of damage can be done if there is a lack of specialist knowledge.

Laundry care tasks

The laundry care activities are divided into the following areas:

• To wash
• strengths
• Care for
• Dry
• ironing
• Lay

Hand wash

Sweaters made of virgin wool and alpaca, underwear made of a wool-silk mix, silk blouses and other sensitive fabrics should still be washed by hand today, as the temperature change in the washing machine and the mechanical irritation caused by spinning will matt the fibers (with wool) and possibly can become brittle (with silk). Use a particularly mild detergent here.

Machine wash

Synthetic fibers and cotton are very easy to machine wash. It is only necessary to ensure that both types of fiber and colors are well separated. While cotton normally tolerates a 60 degree wash, synthetic fibers require lower temperatures and, above all, fewer spin speeds.

Chemical cleaning

Another form of cleaning besides classic laundry is dry cleaning. As a rule, a label is attached to textiles on which washing instructions and the recommended washing temperature are given in the form of standardized textile care symbols. With the chemical cleaning symbol, the garment should not be washed by yourself.


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