Butler / House Manager Course

The promotion and further development of the butler profession is important to us.


BUTLER BUREAU offers its graduates the best possible qualifications to enter this exclusive service occupation. You will receive excellent education that will enable you to pursue a career anywhere in the world.

What are the advantages of training at BUTLER BUREAU?

The graduates of our Butler School (Butler School) represent an elite profession in the world of luxury. At BUTLER BUREAU you will learn to run a modern household with competence, security and style. In our six-week training course, we provide you with all the skills and qualifications you need to start this responsible profession.


Our diverse learning fields and our experienced and professional trainers are available to you during your training and far beyond and accompany you into your new future.

What does it take to become part of the Butler School?

We teach in German, no previous training or experience is required. We welcome people of all genders and nationalities. With a service-oriented attitude, you have come to the right place with us.


Half of our participants are women and half men, they come from different areas and age groups.


Send us your résumé and a recent photo and indicate which course you would like to attend.

Career opportunities

Do you want to be sure that your search will be handled and implemented at the highest level? Our approach is to sound out the market and find the best candidates for each individual vacancy.


A sense of responsibility, discretion and care come first. The butler must be able to cope with social situations perfectly and fully adapt to his employer. Time-independent, flexible, internationally oriented; Good knowledge of German and English; high social competence, polite manners, reliability; Resilience; Organizational talent; Sense of order and cleanliness.


People with completed vocational training and service orientation who want to start working as a butler.


Household organization

Topics: The butler book, creating organizational and time schedules, setting standards, tools for simpler and better processes.

Cleaning and maintenance of the inventory

Care and cleaning of crystal glass and silver, basic training in modern cleaning of high-quality inventory

Beverage science

Wines and champagne, bar customers, drinks in coordination with food.

Human Resources Management

Communication, interviewing, leadership, motivation and labor law ..

Guest reception

Organization of invitations, skillful preparation for a successful event, greeting, introducing,


  • Effektive Zusammenarbeit 

  • Arbeiten im Team

Laundry and cloakroom maintenance

Caring for high-quality materials properly, washing and laying laundry, ironing skillfully.

Kitchen organization

Kitchen rules, shopping planning, breakfast kitchen, preparing small meals, menu planning, hygiene, quality control.

Serving and table culture

Setting the table, serving and presenting food, table manners, holding invitations.

Communication, protocol and etiquette

The role of the butler, discretion, personal demeanor, etiquette, correct communication, body language, conversations in person and on the phone, presentations.


Presentation, written and practical review

Course duration / times

6 weeks, Monday to Friday,

9 a.m. - 4 p.m., sometimes in the evening


During the course at Burg Clam or nearby


Click HERE for information about funding in Austria.


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Educational loan from Wüstenrot.

Education loan from Erste Bank

Educational leave

Are you considering applying for educational leave for the duration of the course? Contact us, we will be pleased to advise you!


Contact: office@butlerbureau.eu


EUR 12,000

including accommodation, meals and butler uniform

including 20% sales tax