The classic British school butler is rarely found. The modern house manager takes his place. With the Butler School in Vienna, we offer the opportunity to enter the profession of domestic worker, housekeeper and butler with well-founded and up-to-date training or to expand your practical experience. We impart the knowledge that gives you the security to take over the management of an exclusive household.

6 weeks

This training opens doors and gates to exclusive private households for you. Proper management and in-depth expertise are required to run these properties prudently and perfectly. The aim of our training is to convey this and to prepare you for your career as a modern butler / house manager.

4 weeks

Exclusive Budget Management

The training offers you the opportunity to take on the household management of an exclusive private household or to professionally expand your practical experience.

5 days

Training of domestic help

Combine distance learning with 5 practical days! The domestic help training shows you how to do one

Household can be managed effectively, routinely and time-saving. The focus is on cleaning, laundry care and efficient work. "Domestic help training" is ideal for housewives, domestic helpers, new homes and the like.

2 weeks

Training Housekeeper

We are looking for future housekeepers and offer this special 2-week course to qualify for this exclusive profession. We have a total of 5 training positions available. Secure your place on the course now!

2 weeks

Austrian Cuisine Cooking Course

In our new cooking course, learn Austrian cuisine, the joy of cooking and everything that goes with it in order to be able to prepare culinary delicacies yourself.