The best for your silver

All too many customers or interested parties complain that cleaning the silver cutlery is so tedious because the family cutlery is only used on special occasions.


Well, the advice from Mr Vaugoin, The Silversmiths, would be to use the cutlery not just for Christmas or birthdays, but every day! Make every day special and enjoy your cutlery as well as a good meal!


New silver cutlery is also dishwasher-safe and with daily use the "tedious" cleaning is as good as eliminated. So the best thing for your silver is to use it as often as possible! Extra tip: only use half a tab in the dishwasher for cleaning silver.


If you have any questions about your silver, please contact Die Silberschmiede, Jarosinsky & Vaugoin, Zieglergasse 24, 1070 Vienna.