Conflict resolution, communication and personality strengthening for employees in private households

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BUTLER BUREAU offers the special workshop on the subject of "Conflict management, communication and personality strengthening for employees in private households". The aim is to better understand yourself and the needs of the customers and thus to be more satisfied and thus more successful in daily household work.


Pleasure instead of frustration at work. Better understanding and problem-solving skills in dealing with very demanding clientele. Higher satisfaction, motivation and job security. Regained confidence and self-worth.


This workshop is aimed at employees in private households. Unlike in a company, the deep insight into the privacy of your employers gives you special challenges on a personal level.


Confidence building

Getting to know and respect one another is the basis for good cooperation

conflict management

Learn to deal better and more easily with tensions and conflicts

coping with stress

Get to know and disempower stressors


How do I communicate “correctly” - verbal and non-verbal communication


"It is less important WHAT you say than HOW you say it."

Gaining internal security

Be (more) sure of yourself and thus master challenges and criticism better

Dates ongoing

Course duration / times

Fri: 4pm - 9pm, Sat: 9am - 4pm in Vienna

Course costs

EUR 570, - including 20% sales tax