Resident Manager

A resident manager works mainly in large hotels or hotel chains. If available, the resident manager is the "second man" in the house after the hotel director / regional director / general manager, ie he / she is responsible and authorized to give instructions to all employees all departments in the hotel. The job of resident manager is only vacant in larger hotels.


In the absence of the general manager, the resident manager assumes the management position and thus also the overall responsibility for the hotel.


Furthermore, the area of responsibility of a resident manager includes the following activities:


  • Quality management of product and service standards in the individual departments

  • Operational positioning in the market

  • Pricing

  • Planning and opening up new markets

  • Spend monitoring, taxes, etc.

  • Purchasing management

  • Human resource management

  • Sales report to hotel management


It can also happen that the resident manager is expected to live in the hotel in order to be available at all times and to have the shortest possible response times.

Requirements of a resident manager

Resident managers do not have fixed working hours. It is assumed that he / she is available and able to work at night as well as on Sundays and public holidays. Thus, the job as a resident manager not only requires constant availability, but also a high degree of resilience. A resident manager is expected to have a certain organizational talent and basic business knowledge.

Income opportunities for resident managers

If you work as a resident manager, the monthly income can be between 3,700 and 5,500 euros gross.