Private chef

Private cooks prepare meals, just like in the catering or hotel industry. Conscientiously do the shopping and plan according to the employer's individual preferences. The purchase is then documented in a budget book.


The wishes of your employers are important to you and you are ready to fulfill them. In order to meet the expectations, it is important to have gained extensive experience in all areas of the kitchen. Detailed knowledge of food, preparation techniques and international kitchens is an absolute must! Only the best for your employers - that means having extensive knowledge of the seasonal calendar and contacting local producers.


As the cook of the family, you are not only exposed to changing eating habits, but should also have extensive knowledge of any health trends and nutritional aspects of the individual components of food.


An appealing presentation on high-quality porcelain or the elaborate staging of a buffet are varied challenges for your discerning employers. Timing and a perfect arrangement with your team are crucial to guarantee a smooth process every day.

Compliance with hygiene standards is a matter of course, as is the organization and cleanliness of the kitchen.

Requirement profile

  • flexibility

  • Traveling

  • Friendly, open and well-groomed appearance

  • Absolute time management

  • High degree of independence

  • In-depth expertise in the various areas of cuisine and food composition