Home help

Housekeeping supports people in managing their household. You do housework and family work in a foreign household that could otherwise be carried out by the household members themselves. Such households are often working people, mostly with children, who do not have to clean or tidy up in addition to everyday tasks at work or being a parent.


The duties of a domestic help include:


  • Cleaning / maintenance of the apartment / house

  • To clean up

  • Laundry cleaning

Domestic help requirements

A domestic help should be familiar with the tasks required of her. These can take place after consultation with the employer. Mostly domestic helpers are especially helpful with house cleaning. Comprehensive knowledge of cleaning agents, the correct inventory, laundry and cloakroom maintenance is therefore required.


The requirements for domestic help also include punctuality, discretion, friendliness, trustworthiness, accuracy, reliability, perseverance, independence and care.


Usually a domestic help is employed on an hourly basis. Based on the financial aspect, it is therefore advantageous to work as long as possible and take on many tasks. However, slow work is not well received by employers. It is therefore important to work efficiently without compromising thoroughness.

How do you become a domestic help?

In order to get a well-paid and secure job as a domestic help, the necessary knowledge and a certain amount of experience are required. BUTLER BUREAU continuously offers courses in “Exclusive Household Management”. Find out more here: www.butlerbureau.at/lehrgange

Earning opportunities for domestic help

In practice, employers usually pay a gross hourly wage of between 10 and 16 euros. How much a domestic help earns per month depends on the number of hours. If you work full-time as a domestic help (also possible for several employers), the monthly earnings can be between 1,800 and 2,200 euros gross.