Estate Manager/in 

An estate manager is a property manager who is hired to manage the employer's assets. These tasks include overseeing and providing management for multiple residences. The requirement profile is individually dependent on the customer. The estate manager assumes a leadership role. A broad knowledge of general housekeeping is essential. In addition, this job description includes broad general knowledge, computer skills, knowledge of accounting and financial skills.


A property manager's specific responsibilities, which depend on the size of the employer's housekeeping staff, typically include hiring, managing, and leaving the housekeeping. The monitoring of providers and contractors also counts; Booking of travel arrangements; Maintaining security in household; Errands; Organization and implementation of large household events related to the area of ​​responsibility.


Additional duties - particularly in a residence where the estate manager works without any other person under his / her direction - may include the responsibilities of the housekeeper.


These tasks are:


  • Implementation of general home improvement services and facilities

  • Maintenance of household stocks

  • Procurement of goods, including grocery shopping

  • Maintaining an appropriate appearance

  • practical housekeeping (e.g. washing clothes and ironing; cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and living area; organizing cupboards, pantries; etc.)

  • Maintenance of works of art, antiques and fine furniture, etc.

  • Driving family members to appointments and engagements


Overall, an estate manager strives to make the life of his / her employer as carefree as possible. He or she wears a lot of hats and keeps an eye on all the details of the employer's residential life. The estate manager can reside in or outside the employer's residence, but the position is often a living part. In addition, an estate manager travels with his or her family or to other places of residence and alternative travel destinations if necessary.


Income opportunities for estate managers

The salary for an Estate Manager depends on the location, the special requirements of the job and the candidate's level of experience. Benefits, perks and other forms of remuneration provided by the employer also affect the salary requirements.